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1 - I started the year with 3 weeks of almost daily job coaching/training. Every day in another (cute) café, like this one.
2 - There was snow! Just a little bit, but there was snow!
3 - There was quite a bit of anxiety, too. On the worst day this cutie was waiting when i came home (and made things less hard).
4 - I've been working 24h on a fun project, which is fun. There's no office i have to go to, so i go to Het Huis instead.

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A winter night in the forest

Velp. Last weekend, I took my parents out winter camping in my favorite national park! We got to stay in a pod at this lovely camping spot, and seriously felt as if we ended up in a fairy tale. The weather was amazing, the sky blue, the air crisp, and the Veluwe more lovely than ever. I'm pretty sure there couldn't have been a better place to wake up on the last day of 2016.

This also is a little preview of this new year that's here now: I got selected to test 7+ cabins across the country (and maybe even outside, too) and write a bit about each visit! I can't wait to pack my bags and wake up in nature again.



1/2 - I basically spent all December looking for a job. Often in cities I don't visit that much, followed by a coffee and a walk.
3 - One weekend was spent in my very favorite city: Oslo! Pust is a new favorite coffee bar.
4 - On the second-last day of the year I packed my bag to go glamping in a cute little cabin in the forest. More about that soon!

Happy new year, lovelies!

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2016 - október november december

Again, it hasn't been the easiest year but damn have I tried. Some of my biggest work-related dreams came true, I've seen lovely places, had amazing people around me, felt loved and supported and sometimes lonely but who does not? I took all chances, have been a crazy lot outside of my comfort zone, found a new home and mostly: I have not given up. There's been panic attacks and anxiety, but I'm still standing and still smiling. I am proud - and so so ready for a new year.

So, here's to the good things, the last 3 months of twenty sixteen:

In October, I saw Moddi play / had the best housemate holding my hand while hunting mice with me / had a little fun (late) birthday party! / saw the documentary i interpret and subtitled on national tv! / went for the best mushroom lunch / did some interviewing / had lots of job interviews and basically crossed the country because of that / met up with foreign friends in the Netherlands! / had another fun party / built my own little plant-furniture / enjoyed more food & coffee dates with friends / took a plane to Iceland! and Akureyri! / saw snow! / ate lots of liquorice chocolate / went dumpster diving (and found lots of chips).

In November, I was back in Reykjavík and went on a roadtrip along the south coast! / enjoyed Seljavallalaug (lots)! / enjoyed Airwaves too, especially Árstidir and Of Monsters and Men / was happy to go back to daily life again, too / read books my friends wrote! / got (even more) crazy into Skam / finished uutflükt / spent a weekend in Groningen! / visited the nijntje museum / took photos of one of my writer-heroes / had a little plant exchange with a friend (which made me super happy).

In December, I started off with a day full of job interviews (and no luck) / enjoyed NRKs Christmas calendar Snøfall lots! / got to hold uutflükt! and launch it! and sell it! / was even interviewed because of uutflükt / enjoyed the cold weather a lot / enjoyed Skam a lot, too / went to Oslo to spend time with my friends, walk around and drink lots of coffee! / sold uutflükt at a Christmas market / had more job interviews... / sang in the middle of the city with my choir / had a first little writing assignment! / spent a lovely long week in the south! / spent a day at the Veluwe and slept in a pod! (because of a writing assignment!) / GOT A JOB!

Let's stay honest: some mice started to live in our house which made me nervous 24/7 and i spent so much time writing job application letters and going to interviews and not getting a new job (until the last day of the year!)... And almost no money left. There's been panic attacks (at parties), the big cold i got in Iceland went into sinusitis which got me for some more weeks (...) and i felt lonely, bored and sad. But luckily things changed a bit and i got (way) more positive towards the end of the year.

2015 - oktober november december.
2014 - oktober november desember.


Happy 2017, lovely readers! Let's hope at least a couple of your dreams will come true in the upcoming 365 days.

My only wish is to not lose a job again, get a proper daily life again and earn enough to be able and live the life i'd like to (or maybe first just to be able and pay rent and food) again. I have a winter festival planned in the most pretty surroundings, have big plans to explore my own country a lot, be offline a lot, smile a lot, hopefully spent a week or two in Oslo in May and attend my friend's (summer) wedding in Sweden. Aaaand there's this dream of visiting New York in autumn - we'll see how things go. :)